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  • Paige Melton

Happy Earth Day from Echo!

At Echo, you don't have to choose between sustainable living and quality can have it all!

green earth graphic

In a world where fast fashion and petroleum based synthetic fabrics are creating environmental catastrophes, we strive to minimize the clothing industry's environmental impact by extending every garment's lifespan.

Here's how it works...

Without Echo, or like-minded businesses, a garment's life cycle will look something like this...

negative garment lifecycle

With Echo, a garment's life cycle changes and here's how...

positive garment life cycle

At Echo, we strive to make sustainable shopping less overwhelming and more accessible, but we couldn't do it without you.

Shop Echo Boutique and Annex to save resources for the planet and its people!

Though we wish we could, we cannot take every item that comes in for consignment. Luckily, there are other options out there!

More amazing secondhand shops in Spokane:

ZipperZ on Garland

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