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Our mission is to provide our consignors with a quality environment to sell their items and to provide our customers with an elevated shopping experience where they can shop a variety of high quality pieces in like-new condition. 
We help our consignors and customers curate wardrobes they love. 
echo lotus

Our founder and owner, Suzy, established Echo with the desire to help women find beautiful, functional pieces that enhance their wardrobe. Over the last ten years Echo has moved, grown, and opened a second shop for menswear. 


We look forward to continuing to be an integral part of Spokane’s boutique scene for decades to come.

our story
our commitments

to our customers

We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service. When you step through our doors, we want you to feel seen and cared for.

to our consignors

We’re committed to cultivating a pleasant environment for promoting and selling your items. 

 to our employees

We’re committed to creating an enjoyable work environment where you can take pride in what you do.

to our environment

We're committed to encouraging sustainable wardrobe practices like shopping second hand. Beyond our work to extend the lifecycle of garments, we our mindful with the use of resources and work to reuse and recycle whenever possible. 

to our community

We're committed to supporting our community through our support of local artists and artisans whose work you can find in our shop. In addition any of the clothes that don't sell are donated to Anna Ogdan Hall at the UGM.

echo lotus
want to join our team?

please drop off a copy of your resume at our boutique

we look forward to talking with you

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