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Cream and White Clothes

asked questions

How does consigning work?

Bring in your items and we will select the pieces we're most confident will sell based on over ten years of learning what our shoppers want. We want you to have a positive, successful experience with a high sales ratio. Once we've entered your inventory, you'll be able to track your account online. You can check anytime to see your sales and watch your account balance grow.

What items are you looking for?
We concentrate on women's and men's wardrobe essentials that are currently in style. Items with quality fabrics and construction and no signs of wear are at the top of our favorites list. (our on-site storage allows us to take all seasons all the time to accommodate your urge to purge!)

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of items per appointment?

Nope, we want this to be easy for you.  Just let us know if you'll bring over 50 items so we can budget your appointment time.

Do you take bridal or prom items?
We do not, but we're happy to help with referrals to other shops.

What about vintage or classic styles?

Generally we are only interested in items less than 4 years old that are timeless classics or current, on-trend styles. We will occasionally be interested in vintage or older classic pieces depending on the style and condition of the item. We're happy to take a look at these pieces (natural fabrics only) and determine if they may be what our customers like.

How do I prepare things to bring in?

We ask that everything be pristinely clean. Check for spots, stains, fabric damage, missing buttons, etc. and leave damaged items out of the consignment pile. Clothing must be on hangers. If you bring shoes, please wipe the soles and footbed clean. For handbags, make sure all pockets are empty and that the lining is stain free, and with jewelry, it's helpful to separate pieces in small boxes or plastic bags. We'll be looking for things in 'like new' condition, so if something is really well loved, thank it for being so terrific and find another way to recycle it.

If I have consigned before do I still need an appointment?

We can occasionally accommodate walk-ins, however, in order to ensure we have a gap in scheduled appointments, please call ahead.

How long will it take/do I have to stay/can I just drop it off?
The length of an appointment varies based on how many items you bring and we're pretty quick at the process. We generally ask that you stay while we look through your items, though we don't mind if you want to grab a cup of coffee down the block. We have limited space for processing incoming items so if you are requesting a drop off, you must pick up the items we decline within 2 hours or give us permission to donate those pieces.

Do I need to dry clean everything prior to my appointment?

Save your money.  Let us look at those pieces and decide what will sell, then you can drop them off when they're ready to go. (We can even hook you up with a discount coupon for dry cleaning!) We do ask that machine/hand washable items be cleaned before they are brought in.

How do you price? 

Any items coming in new with tags still attached will be priced at least 50% off the original price. Other items are priced roughly 70% off the original price. For high end items, we research the market price for an item in similar condition and price competitively.

Do you have parking? 

There is a commercial loading zone directly outside our consignor entrance, you can temporarily park there to unload. There are parking spots all around Echo and a paid parking lot behind the building. Because we are located in downtown Spokane, all parking requires payment. We're always happy to help you unload and provide a rolling rack for your convenience.

Do I earn more if I use the money on a purchase in the store? 

You earn 40% of the selling price, cash or store credit.

How and when will I get paid? 

You earn 40% of the selling price, cash or store credit. Once an items sells the money you earn is in your account and ready to go. You can pick up cash/check anytime or shop with it in store and continue the circular economy of recycling fashion. The money you earn never expires. Any staff member can help you with your payout. 

How long will you keep my items on display? 

Your contracted display time is 90 days, but we'll try to sell items within a seasonal period.

What happens if some of my items do not sell? 

You designate on your contract if you want to retrieve unsold items or donate them. 

Where do you donate?
We donate items that have not been retrieved to Anna Ogden Hall through the Union Gospel Mission. Once women graduate from rehabilitation, they have the opportunity to "shop" donated items for interview and work appropriate items at no cost. We are happy to be able to help women in our area get back on their feet and boost their self confidence with some wardrobe essentials.

When are your sales/when do you put items on sale?
We have seasonal clear out sales in February and August. If an item has been in the store longer than 30 days prior to the start of the sale it will be marked down.  Aside from these seasonal sales, items that have not received much attention after being displayed 30 days may be added to the clearance rack at our discretion.

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