Customers are  allowed inside for shopping. Hooray! We've missed you! Additionally, curbside pickup will still be an option for you during all store hours.

Tell me about the changes I will notice at Echo?

The first  thing you'll see is all staff in masks.  We're practicing big smiles with our eyes so you know how happy we are to see you again! We know how caring  our customers are and we'll be glad to know that you will wear a mask as well.  You'll also notice hand sanitizer stations throughout the shop and plexiglass shields at the checkout and jewelry counter. We've also set up a touch free system for using your credit/debit card at checkout.

Another change you'll be aware of is that we won't be placing your selections in the dressing room.  As much as we love to give you one on one personal attention, we've determined that it's best to minimize contact, and to that end, dressing room set up will be more self service style. Once a garment has been tried on, it will not be returned to the floor until it rests 24 hours and is steamed for sanitation.  (lucky you! If you decide you really want something, no one else will be able to try it on and you can call in a phone order). 

We have plenty of floor space for social distancing, and the total number of shoppers allowed in the shop at any given time will be 6. The number of dressing rooms will be reduced by 50%. Consignors will not be allowed at the back counter because that space isn't big enough for proper distancing.

What are the 'behind the scenes' changes?

All staff will have morning temperature checks and no one will come to work with any indications they aren't feeling completely well.  Staff will be assigned a zone for the day and not share computers or phones.  Surfaces will be sanitized periodically throughout the day.  Staff will practice exceptional hand hygiene.

Deep cleaning will occur nightly after closing.  Dressing rooms will be sanitized after each use. 


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